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AB 1634 The California Healthy Pets Act passed the full CA Assembly, but failed to pass out of the Senate in August, 2008. This website is the official California Healthy Pets Act website as of August, 2008.
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latest message from AB 1634 Sponsor Judie Mancuso

July 10, 2008

Dear Friends,

AB 1634 has passed another hurdle and is now headed for a vote in the full Senate!


This email is coming to you late at night, as I have just returned from Sacramento. In the past few days, Assemblymember Levine, the author of AB 1634, submitted amendments to address fiscal concerns. Once these changes are in print, we have been informed by the Senate Appropriations Committee that the bill will be referred directly to the Senate Floor pursuant to Senate Rule 28.8. Therefore, AB 1634 will no longer be heard by the Senate Appropriations Committee.

For your reference, Senate Rule 28.8 states "Any bill referred to the Committee on Appropriations pursuant to Joint Rule 10.5 that does not appropriate money may not be set for hearing and shall, along with any nonsubstantive amendments, promptly be reported to the Senate with the recommendation it be placed on second reading if the chair of the committee determines that (a) any additional state costs are not significant and do not and will not require the appropriation of additional state funds, and (b) the bill will cause no significant reduction in revenues."


Both the Senate Local Government Committee and the Senate Appropriations Committee requested that supporters not bombard the committees with phone calls, faxes and emails. We honored their request and I thank the members of both committees for their assistance. However, once the bill moves to the Senate, it will be crucial that you contact your own Senator and make your voice heard. Please stay tuned for information on the best time to contact your Senator.

While the bill has gone through several changes, it remains a hopeful step towards a future where spay and neuter will end the overcrowding, suffering and needless killing of cats and dogs in our state shelters. Thank you to all the animal loving volunteers who have worked so hard to move the historic AB 1634 into the Senate.

It has taken countless hours of work by a large team of volunteers and donors to keep AB 1634 moving forward and I thank each and every one of you.

Best regards,

Judie Mancuso
Sponsor / Campaign Director
AB 1634

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